Jules François Archibald

Jules François Archibald (1856-1919) co-founded (1880) and edited (1886-1903) the Sydney Bulletin. Welcoming all contributors, his journal reflected the developing nation back to itself in literary fiction and verse, news items, black and white art, and anecdotes from everywhere. The Bulletin carried the voices of the bush and towns to the world, and brought the world back to them.


31 January 1880

The Bulletin begins publication

The Bulletin journal, founded by J F Archibald, combines news, politics and economics, and offers an Australian perspective to an Australian audience. Famous for publishing the work of promising Australian writers such as Henry Lawson, it becomes a radically nationalistic magazine. Its original masthead proclaims ‘Australia for the Australians’ then, in 1908, it adopts the logo ‘Australia for the White Man’. The Bulletin ceases publication in 2007 after 127 years.


Henry Lawson.