Herbert (Joe) Burton

Herbert (Joe) Burton (1900-83) was an economic historian and educationist who headed Canberra University College (1948-60) and the School of General Studies at the Australian National University (1960-65). Noted for his tolerance, he was foundation President (1936-40) of the (Australian) Council for Civil Liberties while on the academic staff of The University of Melbourne.


6 May 1935

Australian Council for Civil Liberties

A group of prominent citizens, lawyers and writers, including Brian Fitzpatrick, Herbert Burton, Max Meldrum, Sir John Barry and Sir Eugene Gorman, form the Australian Council for Civil Liberties. The Council is formed initially to lobby against censorship restrictions. It publishes booklets to promote its cause, including Yvonne Nicholls’ Not Slaves, Not Citizens in 1952. Branches of the Council are established in every state.


Cover of Not Slaves, Not Citizens: Condition of the Australian Aborigines in the Northern Territory by Yvonne Nicholls, 1952.