Cecilia Annie John

Cecilia Annie John (1877-1955) was a founder of the Womenís Peace Army in Melbourne in 1915, which advocated equal rights for women, control of production by the people and the abolition of conscription and militarism. She was a fine singer and a successful poultry farmer who later worked for the Save-the-Children Fund in London and became an exponent of Dalcroze Eurhythmic dancing. Courtesy Australian Dictionary of Biography


Jun 1908

Suffragists oppose military service

Rose Scott, a leading suffragist, writes to Prime Minister Alfred Deakin opposing compulsory military training and service. In 1914, Vida Goldstein forms the Women’s Political Alliance to oppose military conscription, then joins Cecilia Annie John forming the Women’s Peace Army.


John Longstaff, Miss Rose Scott, (1922).
15 July 1915

Australian Women’s Peace Army

Vida Goldstein and Cecilia Annie John form the Australian Women’s Peace Army in Melbourne to protest against the First World War.


Portrait of Vida Goldstein.